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Salsa Dance

Don't breathe to survive;
dance and feel alive

Salsa ,Bachata ,Kizomba & Tango ,with our varies salsa Djs & live bands, our instructors and students we bring you the best salsa vibes!
Salsa N candela



Salsa Dance Doha

It’s time to level up your dancing skills and learn Salsa LA Style such as cross body lead, left / right turns, princess walk and enshufla, which you can combine together to hit the dancing floor with some neat and clean dancing routines.

Ballroom Latin Dance

Spanish Dance

Salsa N candela

Great instructors, location, and energy! Staff on all levels are kind and helpful. Salsa n Candela is the reference for Latin dance schools in town.

El Babilonio

Salsa N candela

The only place in Doha to learn, practise and improve your latin dance movements with Latin Blood Instructors (Spanish) 😃😉 💃🕺💃🕺 Aguaaaaaaa

Rafa Pérez

Salsa N candela

Best dance place in town , nice studio , good atmosphere and great people , highly recommended :)))

Skander Ftaiti

Salsa N candela

The best latin dancing classes in town. Great and fun atmosphere.. Instructors are very friendly.. Highly recommended.. 💃🕺

Rami Mikhael