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Don't breathe to survive;
dance and feel alive

Salsa ,Bachata ,Kizomba & Tango ,with our varies salsa Djs & live bands, our instructors and students we bring you the best salsa vibes!



Bachata dance classes Doha

Bachata dance is known for its love stories, and its syncopated rhythm. It is a beautiful and sensual dance, that is all about the hips! Contrasting to salsa, the music and energy of the dance is slower however the leading and following signals are mostly the same.

Salsa N candela
Salsa N candela

Great instructors, location, and energy! Staff on all levels are kind and helpful. Salsa n Candela is the reference for Latin dance schools in town.

El Babilonio

Salsa N candela

The only place in Doha to learn, practise and improve your latin dance movements with Latin Blood Instructors (Spanish) 😃😉 💃🕺💃🕺 Aguaaaaaaa

Rafa Pérez

Salsa N candela

Best dance place in town , nice studio , good atmosphere and great people , highly recommended :)))

Skander Ftaiti

Salsa N candela

The best latin dancing classes in town. Great and fun atmosphere.. Instructors are very friendly.. Highly recommended.. 💃🕺

Rami Mikhael